Member Booking – Bowls Rink

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Terms of use of the Greens in during Covid-19

  1. The Club’s Greens are open to members only.
  2. Clubs must keep a list of who attends the venue/club and at what time (arrival and departure times) to assist with contact tracing if required. Book a time to have a roll and sign in upon arrival
  3. Clubs are permitted to have 10 people maximum per green (including a coach).
  4. Rinks must be positioned a minimum of 1.5 metres apart at all times.
  5. Maximum of 2 Bowlers per rink at any one time. Bowlers should practice social distancing (1.5 meters apart) at all times.
  6. Please refrain from shaking hands, high-fives or any contact with others and keep 1.5 meters apart.
  7. Please refrain from handling other people’s bowls.
  8. No rolling the jack by hand
  9. Use 2 Jacks, and move them with your fee.
  10. Please keep your hands clean by having sanitiser readily available at the club.
  11. Wash your hands before and after play.
  12. Spray the Matts and Jacks with sanitiser that is in the Jack Box.
  13. Once you are finished bowling we do require you to leave the club as quickly as possible.
  14. If you’re feeling unwell then you should not attend the club under any circumstances.
  15. Members in a high-risk category should strongly consider whether they should or should not be playing as per their own circumstances and/or medical advice.
  • There is Hand sanitiser provided in each of the bathrooms and change room