2018 LePine Triples

The 2018 LePine Triples was held on the 18th of August. Last year we ran it on the 1st Sept, this allowed our green-keeper to work on the green during a good growth period.  This clashed with a number of club practice matches and Father’s day. The Committee with our Major sponsor of the Day Le Pine Funeral Services, we set an earlier date of 18th of August.

Le Pine Triples

Holding the LePine Triples tournament in August presented another challenge. The weather and the early onset of evening, so the event became an all-day affair instead of just an afternoon. We managed to have the tournament  full 2 weeks before the closing date. We attracted the usual Clubs as well as those who saw it on Social media, Bowls Victoria’s Club event calendar etc.

The usual food for this event are the special salad rolls made by a few of our bowlers. They were very cross that the salad rolls were off the menu. Instead they were the egg and bacon roll chefs for the before the game breakfast.

Another change to this event was the electronic collating of the scores.  We used the Bowls Tournament software this was a great program that we could use without changing our format. Maria and Julie did a great job entering the data and running the Talley table.

Lisa arrange fantastic platers of finger food for the lunch and after game snacks. Very well received and did not require too much extra work. I must mention the great work by our new member Shaun, who sold lucky draw tickets and also did a fantastic job of server the food at the lunch break many thanks. Joan and Rod as always looked after the tea and coffee which was in great demand due to the freezing weather. They also kept everything tidy and dishes under control. We thank Shaun again.

The weather for the day look very ominous  with rain hail and winds forecast.

The Tournament Begins

The event was opened by our State Member the Hon. John Pesutto, who opened the tournament and presented the Club with a new Victorian State Flag which was duly hoist.

Victorian Flag

The first round of games was played in some sunshine. With the radar showing weather closing in it was decided to delay the lunch break and play the second round.  During the lunch break  as predicted there was rain and hail, causing the synthetic to flood a little. The resumption of play was delayed due to the synthetic having to drain. The final games started just after 2.00pm in reasonable weather. We managed to finish just  before that next rain fell. Both greens played well through out the day.

Richmond Union player on the Mat.

Skill on the green
Yep that is a resting toucher in tough conditions

Winners and Presentation

Chris Favell-Smith from LePine Funerals arrived to make the presentations and was delight that we had streamed some of the games on Facebook.  Chris had watch most of the event from his home.

The winners were David Bloom’s team from Mitcham. Second place Matt Ottobre’s team from Hawthorn. The best last game went to John Greenshield’s team from Auburn.

Le Pine Triples
1st Place
Hawthorn takes 2nd
2nd Place winners.
Best last game
Best Last game

Prize winners

Team from Auburn. The Bowling Babes from Auburn Sparkles, Bubbles and Vinatage. Win the Lucky Prize.

Final Placings

Where everybody finished