Welcome Kieser as a Sponsor

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Today we have the pleasure to welcome Kieser Camberwell and Mont Albert as a Sponsor for Auburn Bowls Club Inc.   Kieser’s highly trained physiotherapists use world-class rehabilitation facilities typically only found in the world of elite sports. This, coupled with their cutting edge techniques is what enables them to pursue their mission whether that’s reducing pain, improving your bowls delivery or helping with everyday physical improvement.

Kieser logo

Kieser is a network of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning centres. They offer long term solutions to back and neck pain.

History of Kieser.

The origins of Kieser extend back to 1966 in Switzerland when founder Werner Kieser opened the first Kieser centre. Werner was a boxer and a wrestler in the early 1950s. After an unfortunate boxing accident, he began to look into strength training as a way to speed his recovery. During this time, strength and resistance training was virtually unknown and Werner made it his mission to become the voice for this new type of exercise. Now, over 50 years later, there are over 130 facilities throughout Europe and Kieser is known as the world leader in strength training for health.

To find out  more please visit Kiesers website.

Girls on the Green

mums and bubs

mums and bubs

This Sunday the 15th of July is the 2nd Girls on the Green session.  From 12pm we will be holding the 2nd session of the winter.  Bowls Victoria along with Vic health have put together a program to get women active again.

While many of us know that exercising is important for our physical and mental health, that doesn’t change the fact that half of us aren’t getting enough exercise each week.
Why? Victorian women have told Vic Health and Bowls Victoria that a big part of not trying new activities or getting involved in sport is a fear of being judged, or not being fit enough to start. Not to mention, twice as many women than men put off getting active because they’re worried about what other people think – how unfair is that? Sports, gyms and moving your body are for everybody (literally, every body).

Because it’s perfectly normal to get sweaty and messy when you’re having fun and getting active. Because moving and making time for your health doesn’t need to be a chore. Because there are so many options, and we’re on a mission to help you find something that feels right for you.

Bowls is an ideal low impact way of exercising and socialising with other like minded girls of all ages. Make new friends and have fun.

How to get on the Green

All we need is YOU with either bare feet or flat shoes. We will have experienced female bowlers to provide the basics and get you onto the green.  After that, its all about having fun.

If you want to you can even bring your family along as we will have different activities for them as well. At our first session we provided some yummy home made soup for everybody.

To register Click Here

We hope that you will join us for some fun on our Green

Going solar

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

Auburn Bowls Club is going solar. As part of the Solar Communities Program ran by the Australian Government we have secured a grant to get solar panels on to the club rooms.

The committee of management at Auburn Bowls club took the view that it would be irresponsible not to use some renewable energy in the club. With the help of a number of members we applied for the solar grant. We had thought about it being a double bonus to the club. Not only are we being responsible community members by decreasing our carbon footprint. We were also lowing the cost of running a club. As energy costs continue to rise, it only makes sense that our committee looks to off set them so we can continue to be a bowls club for the next 132 years.

We would like to thank the Federal Government for the funding for this. We were able to get a grant under the Solar Communities Program

Where the solar panels are going to go

Where the panels go

With the north side of the club rooms shaded by trees from neighbours, we are going to be putting the panels on the south side, they will be facing towards the north, so will still catch all the sun. In total we will have 38 Panels on the roof. With an estimated greenhouse emission reduction of nearly 15000 kilograms a year.

The added infrastructure we have seen over the last couple of years means we are well on the way to making sure the club is alive and strong for years to come. With the lower energy costs we should be able to put that back in to other projects that need to happen at the club.  We are able to deliver a better facility for members, guests and local community.

We will keep everybody informed when the works begin, and when we have the official date we switch the system on.

The committee would like to thank all those involved with applying for this grant, with out our volunteers we would be no where.  We would also like to thank our federal member of parliament, for keeping us informed when the federal grants are available, and the Solar Communities Program Grant.