Auburn Bowls Club Results

Lots to update this week as we catch up all the results up to the end of round 17


Mid Week – Tuesday 15th January 2019:
Auburn(1)  14-66 defeated Albert Park(2) 2-57.
R. Martyn 20-18, D. BarronToop 20-26, B.McKenna, 26-13.

Saturday 19th  January 2019
Auburn(1) 3-62 defeated by Nth Balwyn(1) 15-72
J. Greenshields 17-17, N. Waite 18-19, D.Clancy 17-15, D. Mitchell 10-21.

Auburn(2)  3-59 defeated by Lilydale(3) 15-74.
P. Bowditch 13-22, G. Seers 22-11, B. McKenna 9-26, N. Browne 15-15

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 12-36 defeated Coburg Moreland(1) 2-35
R. Fox 23-19, R. Starke 13-16.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 2-32 defeated by Hawthorn(3) 12-35. 
J. Sadler 14-19, P. Wattie 18-16

Mid Week – Tuesday 29th  January 2019:
Auburn(1)  14-78 defeated Elsternwick Club(3) 2-58.
R. Martyn 22-23 D. Chapple 32-12, B. McKenna, 24-23.

Saturday 2nd February 2019
Auburn(1) 16-77 defeated Ringwood(2) 2-65
D. Chapple 26-12, N. Waite 17-16, D.Clancy 18-23, D. Mitchell 16-14.

Auburn(2)  0-59 defeated by Templestowe(1) 18-91
P. Bowditch 14-23, S. Forestal 17-22, T. Ennis 13-23, N. Browne 15-23

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 2-29 defeated by Flem-Ken(4) 12-50
A. Senkian 5-32, S. Pledge 24-18.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0-35 defeated by Box Hill RSL(3) 14-61 
J. Sadler 17-23, S. Zidziunas 18-38

Mid Week – Tuesday 5th  February 2019:
Auburn(1)  2-51defeated by Malvern(1) 14-63
R. Martyn 19-13, S. Bartel 16-25, D. Barren-Toop, 16-25.

Saturday 9th February 2019
Auburn(1) 2-49 defeated by Mitcham(2) 16-83
D. Chapple 13-19, N. Waite 10-25, D.Clancy 18-13, D. Mitchell 8-26.

Auburn(2)  3-70 defeated by MCC(5) 15-80
P. Bowditch 18-18, S. Forestal 17-20, T. Ennis 24-15, N. Browne 17-27

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 14-53 defeated Alphington(3) 0-24
R. Starke 22-14, S. Pledge 31-10.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 12-41 defeated East Ivanhoe(3) 2-36 
J. Sadler 25-11, R. Pilbeam 16-25

Mid Week – Tuesday 12th  February 2019:
Auburn(1)  Mulgrave CC(5) v’s Auburn(1) abandoned
Auburn now 5th on Ladder.
Auburn(1) v’s Vermont South(5) on 19th Feb.

Saturday 16th February 2019
Auburn(1) 4-67 defeated by Vermont South(1) 14-71
D. Chapple 15-20, N. Waite 13-21 D.Clancy 19-17, D. Mitchell 20-13.

Auburn(2)  3-73 defeated by Diamond Creek(2) 15-87
P. Bowditch 19-25, Greg Seers 15-15, T. Ennis 13-26, N. Browne 26-21

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2. 3rd on Ladder.
Auburn(3) v’s Moonee Ponds – Walk over to Auburn

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Hurstbridge(5) v’s Auburn (4) – Walk over to Auburn

Mid Week – Tuesday 19th  February 2019:
Auburn(1)   Auburn(1) 16-65 defeated Vermont South( ) 0-43
R. Martyn 18-14, D. Barron-Toop 20-11, D. Chapple 27-18.

Saturday 23rd February 2019
Auburn(1) 3-67 defeated by Vermont South(1) 15-71
D. Clancy 10-39, N. Waite 21-15, J. Greenshields 13-17, D. Mitchell 18-18.

Auburn(2)  2-65 defeated by Donvale(3) 16-79
M. Walker 17-19, Greg Seers 8-20, T. Ennis 16-20, N. Browne 24-20

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2.
Auburn(3) 0-27 defeated by Coburg Moreland(2) 14-50
S. Pledge 12-22, R. Stark 15-28.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 2-33 defeated by Hurstbridge(4) 12-43
J. Sadler 15-28, R. Pilbeam 18-15

Labour Day Fours: All 24 Entries filled.
Still taking Emergency Teams.

Our Top side has to win a number of rinks this week to avoid relegation. Or section 2 6-a-side has made the finals.

Our Tuesday Pennant team is playing tomorrow for a finals spot as well.

Pennant Round 8

Hosting Donvale

Metro Pennant Round 8 has come and gone, it was a hard day at the office for club.

Hosting Donvale

2nd Division

Our top side hosted MCC, coming off two good wins, things were looking up and the team looked to continue the consistent form it was starting to show.   However the team was consistent though the day, but just could not get over the line.

Auburn(1) 0-63 defeated by MCC(2) 18-80
J. Greenshields 12-20, N. Waite 18-19, M. Diorietes 18-21, D. Mitchell 15-20.

This week see’s the first double header in Metro Pennant, Saturday we are away at Blackburn, and Sunday we are away at Mooroolbark

4th Division

Our 2nd side is looking hard for a win after starting the season well, they need some consistency in the game to get a good result on the board.  That consistency was coming out on Saturday with one rink up a draw, and two rinks down by less than 10 on a low scoring game.  Over all it was close all day the team falling just short.

 3-67 defeated by Donvale(3) 15-75
R. Scerri 19-19, R. Verzaci 16-24, S. Bartel 17-13, N. Browne 15-19

This week for the double header we are away at Greythorn and away to North Balwyn.  On Sunday North Balwyn will be looking for a touch of revenge after the 1st game of the year.



Our two six aside teams have a number of new bowlers bowling with some experienced bowlers, while the results don’t show wins we are seeing the improvements in our new bowlers.  The mentoring they get now with the experience in the older players on this team will help them develop in to great bowlers down the line.

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 0-20 defeated by Coburg Mornland(2) 14-58
A. Senikian 6-40, S. Pledge 14-18.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0-31 defeated by Hurstbridge(4) 14-39.
P. Wattie 17-23, J. Sadler 14-16.


For the Section 2 side:  Saturday at Home against Rosanna

Sunday at home to Princess Park Carlton

For the Section 3 side:  Saturday at Home against Greythorn 2

Sunday at home to Greythorn 3

Mid Week Pennant

A challenging day out at Vermont, we didn’t quite get over the line.

Mid Week – Tuesday 27th November:
Auburn(1) 2-50 defeated by Vermont South(5) 14-62.
R. Martyn 10-18, D. Chapple 13-24, B. McKenna 27-20

This week we play Ashburton at home.

Pennant Round 6 Results

Waiting for their time to Bowl

Metro Pennant Round 6 has been played, we  have some good and some poor results.

Round 7 at Auburn


Saturday Pennant Round 6 Saturday 10th of November.

Division 2

Auburn(1) 15-77 defeated Mitcham(2) 3-70
J. Greenshields 21-14, N. Waite 16-20, M. Diorietes 20-20, D. Chapple 20-16.

A good win by the top team, just in a nick of time.  This was well deserved, the whole team has been playing well.  The results showed in the weekends game.  This a well deserved first win for the team, with the hope of many more to come. See the Ladder here

Division 4

Auburn(2)  0-67 defeated by MCC(5) 18-94
R. Scerri 19-26, M.Pisani 14-32, S. Bartel 19-20, N. Browne 15-16.

Our 2nd team had a hard loss, one rink playing with only 3 players due to a late withdrawal and not being able to replace them was hard on the team.  Over all the team is not in a bad position being one game out side the 4.  The whole section is rather close. See the Ladder here


Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 14-52 defeated Alphington(3).0-25
A. Senikian 25-13, S. Pledge 27-12.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) defeated East Ivanhoe(3) Walk Over

Unfortunately the walkovers and withdrawals continue for the 6-a-side teams. it is hard for the players to not get a game every weekend. however when we do play we get good results and everybody enjoys the games.

Section 2 Ladder here

Section 3 Ladder here

Mid Week Pennant Round 7 Results.

Auburn 14/62 defeated Mulgrave Country Club 2/46.

D. Barron-Toop 21/17  S. Forestal  18/19 and R. Martyn 23/10

2nd on the ladder v 3rd on the ladder.  We had a solid win at home, it was a great game, with one rink being very close all day.   this puts the team in 2nd place on the ladder heading in to a week off for the Vic Open.  See the Ladder here

Directing Play

Results for November 3rd

Results for November 3rd

A hard day for all the teams at Auburn, however it is just one week out of the 14 left.  Next week the selectors will have a tough job, the players of our Pennant Teams will do their best getting some practice in.

Top Side

Auburn(1) 2-54 defeated by Ringwood(2) 16-104
D. Mitchell 15-27, N. Waite 11-30, M. Diorietes 8-35, D. Chapple 20-12

Next week at home to Mitcham

2nd Side

 0-72 defeated by Templestow(3) 18-109
R. Scerri 19-41, M.Pisani 18-20, R. Martyn 17-26, N. Browne 18-22

Away at MCC


Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 0-26 defeated by Flem & Ken(4).14-50
A. Senikian 10-26, S. Pledge 16-24.

At Home against Alphington

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0–22 defeated Box Hill RSL(3) 14-62
J. Sadler 12-32, M. Wacarba 10-30.

Away at East Ivanhoe

Mid Week Pennat


Tuesday 30th October

Auburn(1) 2-46 defeated by Malvern(1) 14-65
D. Barron-Toop 20-18, R. Martyn 12-26, B. McKenna 14/21.


Pennant Wrap for Round 4

Round 4 of Saturday Pennant is in the bag, we had a mixed weekend.   Still we are only 4 rounds in there is still a long way to go in this season.

Elstenwick club v Auburn


Auburn(1) 2-63 defeated by North Balwyn(1) 16-95
D. Mitchell 10-26, N. Waite 27-14, Mick Diorietes 13-28, D. Chapple 13-27

 0-43 defeated by Lilydale(3) 18-99
P.Bowditch 7-33, M.Pisani 11/28, R. Martyn 11-21, N. Browne 14/17

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2 Beat Coburg Morland(2) via Walkover.
Club Game Results: Ray Pilbeam 22 defeated Mark Warcaba 17.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn 14-41 defeated Hawthorn(3) 0/27
A.Senikian 18-17, S. Pledge 23/10

Saturday Teams

6-a-Side Section 2

Our Section 2 team’s season roller coaster continues, that section had a team withdraw before the first round leaving them with a bye and this past weekend Coburg Moreland could not find enough players, and they had a walkover.  They instead ended up playing an inter-club game and by all reports they all enjoyed the day.

Next week they are away at Flemmington/Kensington on Darby day.

6-a-Side Section 3

We hosted Hawthorn, a solid game for the team with both rinks getting up.

Next week they are away at Box Hill RSL

Division 4 Section 4

This week we travelled out to Lilydale, the trip was long and slow with road works everywhere.  The teams started out well, but in the end Lilydale were too good for us, getting up on all rinks.

Next week we are at home to Templestowe

Division 2 Section 4

The rough start to the season continues, with the team just not finding its feet, this week they travelled to North Balwyn, with one rink getting up it was not quite enough to get over the line.

This week we at home to Ringwood.

Mid Week Pennant

Division 3 Section 7

Mid week keep pulling out the last end wins.  Going in to the final end of the game against the Elsternwick Club scores were all level.   With R. Martyn’s rink picking up 3 on the last end to seal the win with two rinks up.

Auburn(1) 14-61 defeated Elsternwick Park(3) 2-58
D. Barron-Toop 21-17, B. McKenna 13/25, R. Martyn  26/16.

This week they travel to Malvern

Region Title Games.

This week saw the first of games of the Novice Titles we had two of our Pennant bowlers take part.

Templestowe hosted the novice titles this year and while the weather started out overcast the afternoon games were in bight Melbourne sunshine.

Unfortunately our two players didn’t get up in their games but they had good games, and had a great time playing.


Good luck to our bowlers playing Pennant tomorrow.

Round 3 Pennant Results.

Pennant Head

Round 3 Saturday Pennant Results

Pennant Head

Saturday 20th October.

Auburn(1) 0-61 defeated by Heathmont(2) 18-83
D. Mitchell 21-22, N. Waite 16/18, Mick Diorietes 15/22, J. Greenshields 9-21

A hard day at the office for the topside, with a hard fought game on all rinks, Heathmont were too good on the day.

Auburn(2)  16-102 defeated Whittlesea(2) 2-70.
R.Scerri 34-13, M. Walker 22-15, R. Martyn 25-20, N. Browne 21-22

What started as hard day our 2nd side got better as the day went on, with two rinks coming form behind to win, and N.Browne’s rink 1 shot up going into the last end, dropped a 2 to get done by 1.  R. Scerri had a good day on the green, picking many big wins on different ends.  That resulted in that rink winning the weekly Top Gun.

6 a side

Auburn(3) 2/19 defeated by Heidelberg Golf(3) 14/48 R. Pilbeam 6-26, R. Verzaci 13/22

A hard day on the away game for our the team, but they are looking forward to the next game.

Auburn(4) 12-35 defeated Rosanna(6) 2/34  A. Senikian 14/19, J. Sadler 21/15

A good win by this team, Rosanna Bowls Club had the green running very well from all reports even though we had plenty of rain.

We look forward to the next weeks games.

Mid Week Pennant

Tuesday 16th October

Auburn(1) 12-60 defeated Burwood District(2) 4-59
D. Barron-Toop 28-19, R. Martyn 15/18, B. McKenna 17/22.

Burwood district came to visit, and it was a tough game for all players from both side, in the end one rink up with a good margin was enough to win by a single shot overall.