Competitive Bowls

Auburn Bowls Club has a long history of Competitive Lawn Bowls and We continue to strive to excel at every event we enter.

Auburn Bowls Club competes in the Bowls Victoria Metro Pennant competitions, with three teams participating in Saturday Pennant and one team in Midweek Pennant. Our two bowling greens;  tiff dwarf grass and Synthetic, we have members bowling most days of the week, with enough space to accommodate “barefoot bowls” and school groups.

In the winter months we have Quickabowls and Inner City Winter Pennant competitions – which are a more relaxed opportunity to play in a competitive environment.

Auburn Bowls Club also hosts two major tournaments each year. The Le Pines Triple now to be held in September each year. The second tournament we host is our Labour Day Fours, on Labour Day in March each year. 

Auburn also plays host to a number of community events each year the largest being the McRyan cup. Held after the summer season each year.

All Members, can access the Bowling Greens and borrow bowls if required. Free Bowls coaching is available for Members, and those looking to get into bowls.

Saturday Pennant

Mid-Week Pennant

Wednesday Social

Saturday is our major competitive day during summer October – March, we have teams in Division 2, Division 4.  This year we are also entering a 6-a-side Saturday morning comp.

Auburn also has a mid-week pennant team that plays each Tuesday throughout summer.

Auburn also has a social game of bowls on each week from September through April on each Wednesday.  For people that don’t want to play Pennant.

Inner-City Winter Pennant

Auburn Cup


Each Winter there is a Inner-City Winter Pennant, the season is 8 weeks long and provides players with a number of games of 2 bowl triples and two Medley rounds, which your rink will play as a 3 in one game, and in the other game a pairs and a singles game. 

In the style of the BPL-Cup we are running a 2 bowl triples winter comp. The games will be two sets of 5 ends, played each saturday during May – July.

Auburn Bowls Club hosts two major tournaments each year.  LePines Triples now held in September each year and Labour Day Fours, on the Labour Day holiday in March each year. 

Auburn also plays host to a number of community events each year the largest being the McRyan cup, held after the season each year.


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