Club Closed

Due to the current and on going Covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Commonwealth Government has closed all clubs. As of 12pm, the 23rd of March we will be closed until further notice.

UPDATE Auburn Bowls Club current position on COVID-19

The Auburn Bowls Clubs priority is to the health and well being of our members and Guests.

The committee at this stage is still following information given by, Bowls Victoria, local, state and federal governments, when their advice changes we will let our members know.  For now the committee has decided that the club will cancel all bookings for functions, and stop walk-in barefoot bowls for the next month, to be reviewed when and if the current state of emergency gets reviewed.  The Club will remain open to members until our advice from the relevant bodies changes.

Leigh Woodgate Speaking at Auburn Bowls Club

The Woman from the Snowy

At Auburn Bowls Club Monday 4th
November 7:15pm Seated for 7:30pm start.

This Melbourne Cup Eve, we are combining our famous Wine & Cheese evening with a very special event for members and their family and friends, with guest speaker Leigh Woodgate.

In the early 1990s, Leigh was a champion steeplechase jockey, and the only woman to win the Great Mountain Race in the Victorian High Country. On 1 July 1994, Leigh suffered a life-threatening fall from her mount during a race that was broadcast nationally. Her injuries were horrific – nearly every bone was broken, both lungs were punctured, she had brain damage, a detached retina, and she spent 17 days in a coma.

This is not about racing: It’s the truly inspiring story of a young woman’s fight for survival and her strength and courage against the odds, and against horrendous injuries and pain.

It’s a story of determination, and it will leave you inspired.

Members $30 a Ticket
Non Members $35 a Ticket
A Table of 8 $240 with a Complementary bottle of Wine.

Tickets on Sale now from Here

We are offering a Complementary drink upon arrival. This is an event you should not miss.

Le Pines Triples Tournament Results

The Hon Josh Frydenberg was presented with a certificate as Patron of Auburn Bowls Club, and the Hon John Kennedy raised the Victorian State flag made a great start to a day of competition bowls.

Some nail-biting last games led to the Le Pine sponsored Triples tournament being won by “Bundy’s” team from Richmond Union Bowls Club and Runners Up from our neighbours Hawthorn Bowls Club. Female and Male bowlers from Mooroolbark, Lalor, Ivanhoe, & Footscray Park joined Auburn, RU, Hawthorn and MCC for a days bowling under the sun.  The youngest participant was 10 year old Darby and a gentleman from Auburn who’s over 85 years proves that bowls IS A GAME FOR EVERYBODY.

The Final Results for the Day.

Auburn Bowls Club’s Wine and Cheese Night

Our Wine and cheese night is a great event

Our wine and cheese night is back, this year we have organised some fantastic cheese’s. This cheese you will have been lucky to try, as we get to introduce them to you our guests.

Matching our cheeses this year we have a number of wines, we are very happy to say that our sponsors Angoves Family wines is presenting some wines that we may not have tasted in the past.

Angoves Family winery’s have spent the last 10 years crafting a growing range of premium organic wines from their own vineyards.

This year we are asking people to purchase tickets early as we need to cater for everyone at the night.

You can purchase tickets online here

Or you can get them at the club.

We look forward to seeing everybody there is it going to be a great night

Auburn Bowls Club Results

Lots to update this week as we catch up all the results up to the end of round 17


Mid Week – Tuesday 15th January 2019:
Auburn(1)  14-66 defeated Albert Park(2) 2-57.
R. Martyn 20-18, D. BarronToop 20-26, B.McKenna, 26-13.

Saturday 19th  January 2019
Auburn(1) 3-62 defeated by Nth Balwyn(1) 15-72
J. Greenshields 17-17, N. Waite 18-19, D.Clancy 17-15, D. Mitchell 10-21.

Auburn(2)  3-59 defeated by Lilydale(3) 15-74.
P. Bowditch 13-22, G. Seers 22-11, B. McKenna 9-26, N. Browne 15-15

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 12-36 defeated Coburg Moreland(1) 2-35
R. Fox 23-19, R. Starke 13-16.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 2-32 defeated by Hawthorn(3) 12-35. 
J. Sadler 14-19, P. Wattie 18-16

Mid Week – Tuesday 29th  January 2019:
Auburn(1)  14-78 defeated Elsternwick Club(3) 2-58.
R. Martyn 22-23 D. Chapple 32-12, B. McKenna, 24-23.

Saturday 2nd February 2019
Auburn(1) 16-77 defeated Ringwood(2) 2-65
D. Chapple 26-12, N. Waite 17-16, D.Clancy 18-23, D. Mitchell 16-14.

Auburn(2)  0-59 defeated by Templestowe(1) 18-91
P. Bowditch 14-23, S. Forestal 17-22, T. Ennis 13-23, N. Browne 15-23

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 2-29 defeated by Flem-Ken(4) 12-50
A. Senkian 5-32, S. Pledge 24-18.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0-35 defeated by Box Hill RSL(3) 14-61 
J. Sadler 17-23, S. Zidziunas 18-38

Mid Week – Tuesday 5th  February 2019:
Auburn(1)  2-51defeated by Malvern(1) 14-63
R. Martyn 19-13, S. Bartel 16-25, D. Barren-Toop, 16-25.

Saturday 9th February 2019
Auburn(1) 2-49 defeated by Mitcham(2) 16-83
D. Chapple 13-19, N. Waite 10-25, D.Clancy 18-13, D. Mitchell 8-26.

Auburn(2)  3-70 defeated by MCC(5) 15-80
P. Bowditch 18-18, S. Forestal 17-20, T. Ennis 24-15, N. Browne 17-27

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 14-53 defeated Alphington(3) 0-24
R. Starke 22-14, S. Pledge 31-10.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 12-41 defeated East Ivanhoe(3) 2-36 
J. Sadler 25-11, R. Pilbeam 16-25

Mid Week – Tuesday 12th  February 2019:
Auburn(1)  Mulgrave CC(5) v’s Auburn(1) abandoned
Auburn now 5th on Ladder.
Auburn(1) v’s Vermont South(5) on 19th Feb.

Saturday 16th February 2019
Auburn(1) 4-67 defeated by Vermont South(1) 14-71
D. Chapple 15-20, N. Waite 13-21 D.Clancy 19-17, D. Mitchell 20-13.

Auburn(2)  3-73 defeated by Diamond Creek(2) 15-87
P. Bowditch 19-25, Greg Seers 15-15, T. Ennis 13-26, N. Browne 26-21

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2. 3rd on Ladder.
Auburn(3) v’s Moonee Ponds – Walk over to Auburn

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Hurstbridge(5) v’s Auburn (4) – Walk over to Auburn

Mid Week – Tuesday 19th  February 2019:
Auburn(1)   Auburn(1) 16-65 defeated Vermont South( ) 0-43
R. Martyn 18-14, D. Barron-Toop 20-11, D. Chapple 27-18.

Saturday 23rd February 2019
Auburn(1) 3-67 defeated by Vermont South(1) 15-71
D. Clancy 10-39, N. Waite 21-15, J. Greenshields 13-17, D. Mitchell 18-18.

Auburn(2)  2-65 defeated by Donvale(3) 16-79
M. Walker 17-19, Greg Seers 8-20, T. Ennis 16-20, N. Browne 24-20

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2.
Auburn(3) 0-27 defeated by Coburg Moreland(2) 14-50
S. Pledge 12-22, R. Stark 15-28.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 2-33 defeated by Hurstbridge(4) 12-43
J. Sadler 15-28, R. Pilbeam 18-15

Labour Day Fours: All 24 Entries filled.
Still taking Emergency Teams.

Our Top side has to win a number of rinks this week to avoid relegation. Or section 2 6-a-side has made the finals.

Our Tuesday Pennant team is playing tomorrow for a finals spot as well.

Labour Day 4’s 2019

Auburn Bowls club is pleased to announce the opening of our Labour Day 4’s. This year Labour day falls on the 11th of March. We get entries from all around the state and hope that this continues this year.

This is once again shaping up to be one of our best events yet. Our Greenkeeper has been working very hard over the christmas break to give us a fantastic Grass to play on.

Double Header Round

Pennant Game at Mooroolbark
Pennant Game at Mooroolbark

Over the weekend we had our first double header round, while it was not received well across Melbourne Metro Pennant, it was a good opportunity to do something different.  What we get in return is the Australia Day Long weekend off from Bowls. That is something we can all look forward to.

Saturday Pennant Round 9 Results

Division 2

Auburn(1) 12-82 defeated Blackburn(2) 0-69
D. Chapple 22-16, N. Waite 20-18, M. Diorietes 20-16, D. Mitchell 20-19.

The top side got off to a fantastic start to the weekend, getting all rinks up in a trip out to Blackburn.

Division 4

Auburn(2)  0-57 defeated by Greythorn(1) 18-90
B. McKenna 14-18, R. Verzaci 11-35, S. Bartel 17-19, N. Browne 15-18

3 close rinks was not enough for us.


Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 14-41 defeated Rosanna(5) 0-32
A. Senikian 21-15, S. Pledge 20-17.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 2-37 defeated by Greythorn(2) 12-41. 
D. Ryan 11-30, M. Limosani 26-11.

A Good hit our for the 6-a-side teams getting some wins on the board. 

Sunday Pennant Round 10 Results

There has been much commentary on the double header round, all clubs would have found that people were not available, we had plenty of time to prepare.  Given that we had to play this so we could have the Australia Day long weekend off, it is a fair compromise. 

Division 2

Auburn(1) 4-69 defeated by Mooroolbark (1) 14-83
D. Chapple 16-11, N. Waite 15-29, M. Diorietes 16-26, J. Greenshields 24-17.

We had a lot of changes from Saturday in on Sunday, with two rinks up overall it was not quite enough to win.

Division 4

Auburn(2)  2-70 defeated by North Balwyn(2) 16-87
D. Barron-Toop 14-23, R. Verzaci 14-27, R. Scerri 15-26, N. Browne 27-11

With a lot of movement between the days we did well to secure points out at North Balwyn.


Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0-23 defeated by Greythorn(3) 14-60. 
S. Pledge 12-30, J Saddler 11-30.

Mid Week Pennant

Auburn(1) 14-64 defeated Ashburton(3) 2-56.
R. Martyn 19-15, D. Barron-Toop 29-22, B. McKenna 16-19

Pennant Round 8

Hosting Donvale

Metro Pennant Round 8 has come and gone, it was a hard day at the office for club.

Hosting Donvale

2nd Division

Our top side hosted MCC, coming off two good wins, things were looking up and the team looked to continue the consistent form it was starting to show.   However the team was consistent though the day, but just could not get over the line.

Auburn(1) 0-63 defeated by MCC(2) 18-80
J. Greenshields 12-20, N. Waite 18-19, M. Diorietes 18-21, D. Mitchell 15-20.

This week see’s the first double header in Metro Pennant, Saturday we are away at Blackburn, and Sunday we are away at Mooroolbark

4th Division

Our 2nd side is looking hard for a win after starting the season well, they need some consistency in the game to get a good result on the board.  That consistency was coming out on Saturday with one rink up a draw, and two rinks down by less than 10 on a low scoring game.  Over all it was close all day the team falling just short.

 3-67 defeated by Donvale(3) 15-75
R. Scerri 19-19, R. Verzaci 16-24, S. Bartel 17-13, N. Browne 15-19

This week for the double header we are away at Greythorn and away to North Balwyn.  On Sunday North Balwyn will be looking for a touch of revenge after the 1st game of the year.



Our two six aside teams have a number of new bowlers bowling with some experienced bowlers, while the results don’t show wins we are seeing the improvements in our new bowlers.  The mentoring they get now with the experience in the older players on this team will help them develop in to great bowlers down the line.

Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 0-20 defeated by Coburg Mornland(2) 14-58
A. Senikian 6-40, S. Pledge 14-18.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0-31 defeated by Hurstbridge(4) 14-39.
P. Wattie 17-23, J. Sadler 14-16.


For the Section 2 side:  Saturday at Home against Rosanna

Sunday at home to Princess Park Carlton

For the Section 3 side:  Saturday at Home against Greythorn 2

Sunday at home to Greythorn 3

Mid Week Pennant

A challenging day out at Vermont, we didn’t quite get over the line.

Mid Week – Tuesday 27th November:
Auburn(1) 2-50 defeated by Vermont South(5) 14-62.
R. Martyn 10-18, D. Chapple 13-24, B. McKenna 27-20

This week we play Ashburton at home.