Barefoot Bowls and Function Bookings

As we continue to navigate the end of lockdown and living with Covid, in a new normal. Victoria still has a number of restrictions that do not allow us to operate normally. As such until the 22nd of November when we see the latest round of restrictions we are not accepting any barefoot bowls or event bookings. At this point the Auburn Bowls club has to look after our members first and a further decision will me made on or shortly after the 22nd. We thank everybody for their understanding it is a tough time for everyone, and we want nothing more than to throw open the doors and welcome every one in.

The Bar is Re-opening

We are very pleased to announce that as of the 22nd at 4pm the Bar will be re-opened.   It has been some 91 Days since we had to close due to Covid-19 and we are very happy to be back and serving members and catching up with our mates and club members. 

We have a number of things that we have to do:

  • Table Service Only
  • Sanitise your hands at entry
  • Sign in and out

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back

Covid-19 Restrictions are easing

Finally some good news, we have been given the green light for members to start bowling again.  It is only in small numbers but that means we can get back out there and  have a roll and laugh and check on our fellow bowlers.

Auburn Bowls club has the following requirements.

Members must book a spot, please see the email you received about this.

  1. The Club’s Greens are open to members only.
  2. Clubs must keep a list of who attends the venue/club and at what time (arrival and departure times) to assist with contact tracing if required. Book a time to have a roll online,  and sign in upon arrival.
  3. Clubs are permitted to have 10 people maximum per green (including a coach).
  4. Rinks must be positioned a minimum of 1.5 metres apart at all times.
  5. Maximum of 4 Bowlers per rink at any one time. Bowlers should practice social distancing (1.5 meters apart) at all times.
  6. Please refrain from shaking hands, high-fives or any contact with others and keep 1.5 meters apart.
  7. Please refrain from handling other people’s bowls.
  8. No rolling the jack by hand
  9. Use 2 Jacks, and move them with your fee.
  10. Please keep your hands clean by having sanitiser readily available at the club.
  11. Wash your hands before and after play.
  12. Spray the Matts and Jacks with sanitiser that is in the Jack Box.
  13. Once you are finished bowling we do require you to leave the club as quickly as possible.
  14. If you’re feeling unwell then you should not attend the club under any circumstances.

It will be good to get back to bowling even just a little bit. 

Club Closed

Due to the current and on going Covid-19 pandemic, the Australian Commonwealth Government has closed all clubs. As of 12pm, the 23rd of March we will be closed until further notice.

UPDATE Auburn Bowls Club current position on COVID-19

The Auburn Bowls Clubs priority is to the health and well being of our members and Guests.

The committee at this stage is still following information given by, Bowls Victoria, local, state and federal governments, when their advice changes we will let our members know.  For now the committee has decided that the club will cancel all bookings for functions, and stop walk-in barefoot bowls for the next month, to be reviewed when and if the current state of emergency gets reviewed.  The Club will remain open to members until our advice from the relevant bodies changes.

Auburn Bowls Club’s Wine and Cheese Night

Our Wine and cheese night is a great event

Our wine and cheese night is back, this year we have organised some fantastic cheese’s. This cheese you will have been lucky to try, as we get to introduce them to you our guests.

Matching our cheeses this year we have a number of wines, we are very happy to say that our sponsors Angoves Family wines is presenting some wines that we may not have tasted in the past.

Angoves Family winery’s have spent the last 10 years crafting a growing range of premium organic wines from their own vineyards.

This year we are asking people to purchase tickets early as we need to cater for everyone at the night.

You can purchase tickets online here

Or you can get them at the club.

We look forward to seeing everybody there is it going to be a great night

Labour Day 4’s 2019

Auburn Bowls club is pleased to announce the opening of our Labour Day 4’s. This year Labour day falls on the 11th of March. We get entries from all around the state and hope that this continues this year.

This is once again shaping up to be one of our best events yet. Our Greenkeeper has been working very hard over the christmas break to give us a fantastic Grass to play on.

Double Header Round

Pennant Game at Mooroolbark
Pennant Game at Mooroolbark

Over the weekend we had our first double header round, while it was not received well across Melbourne Metro Pennant, it was a good opportunity to do something different.  What we get in return is the Australia Day Long weekend off from Bowls. That is something we can all look forward to.

Saturday Pennant Round 9 Results

Division 2

Auburn(1) 12-82 defeated Blackburn(2) 0-69
D. Chapple 22-16, N. Waite 20-18, M. Diorietes 20-16, D. Mitchell 20-19.

The top side got off to a fantastic start to the weekend, getting all rinks up in a trip out to Blackburn.

Division 4

Auburn(2)  0-57 defeated by Greythorn(1) 18-90
B. McKenna 14-18, R. Verzaci 11-35, S. Bartel 17-19, N. Browne 15-18

3 close rinks was not enough for us.


Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 14-41 defeated Rosanna(5) 0-32
A. Senikian 21-15, S. Pledge 20-17.

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 2-37 defeated by Greythorn(2) 12-41. 
D. Ryan 11-30, M. Limosani 26-11.

A Good hit our for the 6-a-side teams getting some wins on the board. 

Sunday Pennant Round 10 Results

There has been much commentary on the double header round, all clubs would have found that people were not available, we had plenty of time to prepare.  Given that we had to play this so we could have the Australia Day long weekend off, it is a fair compromise. 

Division 2

Auburn(1) 4-69 defeated by Mooroolbark (1) 14-83
D. Chapple 16-11, N. Waite 15-29, M. Diorietes 16-26, J. Greenshields 24-17.

We had a lot of changes from Saturday in on Sunday, with two rinks up overall it was not quite enough to win.

Division 4

Auburn(2)  2-70 defeated by North Balwyn(2) 16-87
D. Barron-Toop 14-23, R. Verzaci 14-27, R. Scerri 15-26, N. Browne 27-11

With a lot of movement between the days we did well to secure points out at North Balwyn.


Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0-23 defeated by Greythorn(3) 14-60. 
S. Pledge 12-30, J Saddler 11-30.

Mid Week Pennant

Auburn(1) 14-64 defeated Ashburton(3) 2-56.
R. Martyn 19-15, D. Barron-Toop 29-22, B. McKenna 16-19