New Web Site

Auburns Club Champ

Auburns Club Champ

Our Club Champion in action

Auburn launches its New Website.

A new Website was due, our old site was starting to look a little long in the tooth. Within the last year we have added more Social media to the site so it was only a matter of time before we had to update the website.

The New Website we had to have good images of the club, so we had professional photographer  Open2view Camberwell and we couldn’t be happier.  As you can see the images are stunning.

With the new site launch, we can now focus on generating more interest in the upcoming bowls season. Our website and our social media tools all link so we can now push out more information to more members and the general public than ever before.  The goal of course is to promote the club and get more Bowlers.  Supporting our Division 1 team and promoting our 2nd and 3rd sides are very important.  Gaining new members has never been more important.

What Next!

Moving forward now we have the start of the season, leading off with the Le Pines Triples.  Having a all the tools now it should be very easy for us to publish all the results quicker than ever.

Functions are starting to come in, in the past all these relied on a single person to contact to book. Our new web site we can use the tools in here to send booking information to the club and get the support for the functions.   The new images will give the customers a good understanding what we have at the club already and what they can do there.  New Contact pages will allow people to get in contact with the correct people faster.

What is on this site.

The front landing page, we have broken this page down in to sections. Our Header with the main image, followed by our sponsors.  We should be giving more exposure to our sponsors, and this is a good way to do so, with links further in to the website and back to our sponsors.

A brief History of the club, that has a little of where we came from. In the future the site will have the history from the centenary booklet, adding all the old photo’s of the club and the people, that will be a large undertaking but we think it might be well worth it.

A quick join now button along with the Winning Div 2 side in the back ground. a Brief on what the Auburn Bowls Club can offer you. A quick who’s who on the committee.

Finally there is a place for news, our contact details and that is the end of the first page.

That means we only need look at the front page for all the information with out having to go though every page to get to the news.   We hope that we can get somebody to write weekly reports for the news section to keep everybody informed of what is going on around the club.   We of course will continue with our weekly email out and the presidents address every Thursday.