Results for November 3rd

Results for November 3rd

A hard day for all the teams at Auburn, however it is just one week out of the 14 left.  Next week the selectors will have a tough job, the players of our Pennant Teams will do their best getting some practice in.

Top Side

Auburn(1) 2-54 defeated by Ringwood(2) 16-104
D. Mitchell 15-27, N. Waite 11-30, M. Diorietes 8-35, D. Chapple 20-12

Next week at home to Mitcham

2nd Side

 0-72 defeated by Templestow(3) 18-109
R. Scerri 19-41, M.Pisani 18-20, R. Martyn 17-26, N. Browne 18-22

Away at MCC


Auburn(3) 6 a side Section 2,
Auburn(3) 0-26 defeated by Flem & Ken(4).14-50
A. Senikian 10-26, S. Pledge 16-24.

At Home against Alphington

Auburn(4) 6 a side Section 3

Auburn (4) 0–22 defeated Box Hill RSL(3) 14-62
J. Sadler 12-32, M. Wacarba 10-30.

Away at East Ivanhoe

Mid Week Pennat


Tuesday 30th October

Auburn(1) 2-46 defeated by Malvern(1) 14-65
D. Barron-Toop 20-18, R. Martyn 12-26, B. McKenna 14/21.